Diskant is a contemporary music ensemble which brings performers, composers, musicologists and sound engineers together. The ensemble, aiming at performing, interpreting and capturing audio and sound recordings of contemporary musical works, also works on music projects that combine different disciplines. The group is introduced as a research and communication platform in the fields of music aesthetics, music theory and sound and recording technologies. Diskant, also targeting at establishing joint projects with the participation of national and international composers and contemporary performers, pursues to promote their corporate (partner) projects, by way of bringing young musicians and other young artists in different disciplines of art together. It also organizes seminars and workshops to provide a medium for introducing aesthetical orientation of contemporary music and the new techniques for composers and performers. The overall target is to perform pioneering and alternative projects and to provide a base for educational and research programs. Diskant's personnel expands upon the needs of the repertoire and it consists also of musicologists, composers and sound engineers.


Aslıhan And (Flut)

Ebru Mine Sonakın (Clarinet)

Altuğ Tekin (Horn)

Okan Akan (Percussion)

İpek Mine Sonakın (Harp)

ErhanBirol (Guitar)

Kandemir Basmacıoğlu (Piano)

Nilay Sancar (Violin)

Çağlayan Çetin (Cello)

Ahmet Altınel

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